• Welcome to Phoenix Kayak Club. .

  • We have over 200 members from the ages of 12 upwards!

  • We have been teaching people how to kayak for over 20 Years!

A bit about us.

Phoenix Kayak Club is in existence for over 20 years. Our Membership has continued to grow Year on Year.
We run Beginners Kayaking courses throughout the Summer months at our Club on the Lee Road
and continue to kayak throughout the winter months with official club trips every two weeks and
a number of members meeting up on a more regular basis to fulfill their paddling ambition.

We are always looking for new members so get in touch with us or maybe do a Beginners Kayaking course first.
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How we help the community.

Not only do our members love teaching others how to kayak, we also support a number or charitable events throughout the year, We provide rescue support for the musgrave
triathalon as well as The Martin Duggan swim in fermoy and The Lee Swim.
We also run a number of social inclusion nights where we take out community groups from around the city out on the water for a bit of fun.

Who Are We?.

We are people who love our sport, and we come from different backgrounds and walks of life and welcome everyone to our club. Some of us have represented Ireland in our sport.
We are 100% volunterally run Club, We seek grants and funding to help run our club. There is a genre of kayaking for everyone,
from those who are very competitive to those who just want to have fun!

Where Are We?.

We are located on the Lee Road,Just outside Cork City, on the Lee Road, Next to a UCC Research Building,

  • Life is either a daring adventure
    or Nothing.

    Author image
  • "We have an unknown distance yet to run, an unknown river to explore"

    Author image
    John Wesley Powell, Explorer.
  • "You Never Conquer a Rapid, You are Granted Safe Passage"

    Author image
    Ben Brown, Red Bull Kayaker

Phoenix Kayak Club is a volunteer organistion with the aim of teaching safe fun water sports to the community!